show+ 2013 November

Dressings Bridetastic by Pinch Provisions
What’s in YOUR (bridal) Emergency Kit?

You (and probably also with the help of your wedding planner) have plan everything you need for the big day, either for decorations, flowers, dresses, menus and all. But… there's always things like emergency. It applies to anything, any event even. And we're curious, what's in your Bridal Emergency Kit? Find out a real bride's advice on that.

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Website Jenny + Grayden Wedding Website
Jenny + Grayden Wedding Website

Using a bold color of red and dark mint and sometimes overlap the two to create a great effect on their wedding website elements and illustration is a genius idea! Love how they have a very simplicity going on across each of their wedding website pages and their story…. nicely narrowed down on each of the colors particles and merged into one in the middle and create "LOVE" letters… how cute!

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Website Jess & Russ Wedding Website
Jess + Russ Wedding Website

Beautifully illustrated love story! That's what comes in mind when you see Jess & Russ custom wedding website. How could it not be? They are both creatives, Jess/Jessica is a freelance illustrator while Russ was a freelance web designer and touring with his indie-rock band. Their story are written all on the site as you scroll down slowly.

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show+ 2013 October

Talk Wedding Lovely Planning App
Tracy Osborn: Plan Your Lovely Dream Wedding

You finally got engaged (yay!) and you're beyond happy for that, which you definitely should be. But now you're starting to look at all those wedding planning details, what to do or where to even starts. At first it can be really scary just to think of how many things you should start finding more info about and organize them. If that sounds like what you feel right now, read on what Tracy Osborn have to say about how you can be at ease planning your dream wedding.

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Fancy Decor Doors To Happiness via @HeartilyWed & @chykalophia
Doors to Happiness

I remember when I was a little girl and imagine how fascinating it would be to walk with a big puffy dress and walk to the aisle, passing "The Door" to finally say I do. Some of today's brides and wedding planners have even creative idea of reusing and decorating the door, I call it doors to happiness.

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show+ 2013 September

Floral Top 10 Autumn / Fall Wedding Bouquet via @HeartilyWed
Top 10 Autumn/Fall Wedding Bouquet

With the summer season is now getting close to an end, we are swooning over some gorgeous fall themed wedding. While we're at it, we handpicked these beautiful wedding bouquets. If you're a daring bride, you know we always try to recommend the best inspirations for your big day. Check these top 10 of our best choices.

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Gallery Fly Kite Nautical Photoshoot by @HeartilyWed @Chykalophia & @Wojoimage
Fly Kite Nautical Engagement Shoot

Cute and fun, I think that's the perfect words when you look through these photos of our Fly Kite Nautical Engagement photoshoot. Well, how can it not? We have the sun, the beach, the balloons, a kite, couple bottles of Coke and of course a pair of lovebirds. On a nice summer day like this, what could go wrong right ;)

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Dressings Autumn skeleton key wedding: Victoria + Josh by Connection Photography
Style A Groom: Boutonniere

When you look back to wedding back before the year 2005, you'll see a lot of similar looking boutonniere. The only difference is that they are customized to the brides's bouquet. But not anymore. Custom and unique boutonniere is now becoming the groom's keepsake. No matter what theme you have for the wedding, there's always a creative way you can make the little details work for your groom.

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show+ 2013 August

Talk vintage-plate
Sarah Burrows: The Beauty of Mix Match Tableware

One of the interesting decor which lately has becoming an ideal alternative for brides to use for their wedding is the mix match tableware. What's so interesting about it? Well, according to Sarah Burrows of PLATE: vintage crockery rental & rescue it's a great way to lighten up your wedding decor and the guests can use it for a conversation starter on the dining table. Nifty idea right? Keep on reading on how did Sarah came up with this rental idea...

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show+ 2013 July

Gallery Modern Victorian Wedding Photoshoot
Spring Victorian Wedding Styled Photoshoot

Living in the Chicago, we rarely get a chance to enjoy the nice breeze and the pop of color from tulips the trees. So, as soon as it hit May, we teamed up with 7 other wedding professionals and did a spring victorian wedding styled photoshoot. So take a peek and enjoy the pop of spring color for this wedding theme.

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Floral Modern Victorian Wedding Photoshoot
Finding Your Bloom

Beautiful colors arranged into a a group of something so irresistible for all brides, the wedding bouquet. We believe each bride has different vision for their wedding, thus each bride would want certain set of flowers for their very big day. Now, what are the process to even pick one or better yet, where to start? We'll let you in for some little secrets for that...

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Stationery delicatespring-7
A Touch of Statement

Have you ever wonder how a simple statement could make a whole lot of difference? They say it's the sounds when you pronounce it or how you emphasize on a certain word. But in terms of wording for a social stationery, it's not only dominated by words, but also the overall look and feel of the paper you're holding.

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